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Plain concrete can seem a little boring at times, which is why it’s best to add some aesthetic and artificial additions that can help liven up the property. For instance, artificial grass helps bring in an illusion of nature while keeping things interesting. It is a favorite for both residential and commercial projects due to how real-looking it can appear to be.

But unfortunately, even with a durable, reliable, and attractive grass product, it can all go wrong with the installation. It’s important to call up professional installers to avoid many unfortunate errors, such as:

1) Lack of Experience

While it’s easy to relatively install artificial grass, an inexperienced grass installer will make terrible mistakes. For instance, they might not fully disassemble the old synthetic grass or lay it out perfectly, causing the new one to go over the old one. Avoid such a mess by calling someone who specializes in artificial grass installation.

2) Incorrect Excavation

The installation of artificial grass will require a space to have been excavated. It must be done correctly and accurately so that the new artificial grass can be laid down properly. An inexperienced installer will not have a clear picture of the site’s layout, resulting in a haphazard slope that simply won’t work.

3) Improper Drainage

Proper drainage is essential for artificial grass to work, especially in a wet climate. It’s important to install a synthetic grass product that can drain properly since water must be allowed to run away from the grass and away from the house. On the other hand, an experienced installer will know how to install it properly to avoid clogs.

4) Uneven Surface

The surface where the artificial grass is to be installed must be completely flat and level. If there is an uneven patch, an experienced installer will be able to tell it instantly and correct it without a hitch. Additionally, the artificial grass must be laid down as perfectly as possible to prevent holes or ridges.

5) Mismatch in Materials

Not all artificial grasses are made equal. There are different types for various climates, and each one is designed for a purpose. If the synthetic grass isn’t chosen properly, the installation will be ineffective, causing it to be out of place even when fake. An experienced installer will have the appropriate components needed.

6) Wrong Securing of Joints

Speaking of components, joints are important for artificial grass. They serve as a connection between the grass and allow for added durability. If the joints are not properly secured, the artificial grass will be more likely to be affected by sports activities. An inexperienced installer will likely not properly secure the joints, which increases the risk.

7) Forgetting Grass Direction

Artificial grass is meant to offer a grass-like look while being a manmade material, and it does so when installed in a certain direction. If the grass is laid out in a way that doesn’t look natural, it’s bound to look out of place. An experienced installer will install the grass in the most appropriate direction for the property.


Artificial grass is a great way to make a home or office property more appealing. It can hide poor landscaping, poor drainage, and other factors that make properties look unattractive. Just remember to get the right installers involved.

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