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Jacqueline Janke Avatar
Jacqueline Janke
10/03/2021 - Google

On Point Pavers did a great job on our front steps, and side walk ways. They were very fast and professional, showed up at 8am and worked a full 8 hours. We love the way our front entry steps turned out, and at night the lights in the steps are bright so that it lights up the entire path. I would definitely recommend On point pavers.

Paul S. Avatar
Paul S.
3 star rating
9/30/2021 - Yelp

They replaced cement in my back yard around the pool with pavers and it is gorgeous.
The pavers are hefty and lovely and solid. The pattern is very nice. The quality of the work and the stones is really great.

Having said that, it wasn't all roses. The communication from the company (vs. the on-site guys) was not great. They sort of showed up out of the blue to start work, didn't check in as the project went on or provide estimates of completion.

Also, the workers while very skilled were really hard on my yard. They stacked things on plants that died, they used my back yard as a trash heap in spite of the multiple trash cans available (resulting in a raccoon family visit one night when they left food trash in the yard), they broke statuary in my yard, broke sprinkler lines and heads, broke the control wires for my watering system, broke a hose and watering head... just generally were way too rough on my stuff.

I love the work, but I didn't feel like the company or the workers were respectful of my space or me as a client....

Ronald T. Avatar
Ronald T.
5 star rating
9/29/2021 - Yelp

I wish I could give On Point Pavers at least six stars! The guys they sent out to do the job were amazing, in that they were fast, efficient, HARD WORKING, (I got sore muscles just watching them work) and very respectful of the rest of the property. Dave, the H.M.F.W.I.C. showed his expertise in design in the beauty of the finished product. My wife had a general idea of what she wanted in the patio and not only did Dave deliver, he exceeded our expectations for far less than the other bids we got. Our next paver project will definitely done by On Point Pavers
Ron T.

Chris R. Avatar
Chris R.
5 star rating
9/23/2021 - Yelp

Dave and the team at On Point Pavers were amazing to work with. Their price was close to the stamped concrete quotes I was getting and blew other paver companies away. They converted my 55 year old concrete patio into our awesome "3rd living room" as we call it. It is such an elevated look and feel to go with pavers! The team also prepared the hot tub area with extra depth to be ready for the weight. They also improved drainage, and ran 2 electrical units underground so my smokers and the tub don't have cords visible. Overall, 775 sf at a reasonable price and top quality work. Highly recommended!

Kacy Booth Avatar
Kacy Booth
9/22/2021 - Google

They were professional, helpful and did a great job on my backyard patio. The pavers are beautiful and are the perfect touch to the back yard. We also love the turf that we installed and it looks great with the surrounding pavers. Would definitely recommend!

Anubhav Chandra Avatar
Anubhav Chandra
9/03/2021 - Google

On Point Pavers did an excellent job in our backyard. Their skill level, quality, precision, and professionalism raise the bar for hardscapes! Highly recommend.

Allison Shaffer Avatar
Allison Shaffer
8/20/2021 - Google

On Point Pavers did a fantastic job on my new paver patio from the initial contact to get an estimate and schedule the job to construction and follow up! I appreciated the initial contact without a high pressure sales pitch and with attention to my design requests, construction beginning according to the estimated schedule, the hard work of the crew, and the quality of the finished product. I would definitely recommend On Point Pavers!

Michael J. Avatar
Michael J.
5 star rating
8/17/2021 - Yelp

On Point Pavers were very professional and honest. I dealt with Dave and JR who were available throughout the whole project.

Their lead worker was Eduardo who has 20+ years experience and was amazing to see how he handled the Bobcat!

Courtney Sheridan Avatar
Courtney Sheridan
7/28/2021 - Google

We couldn't be happier with the completed job by On Point Pavers! From our first contact with Dave, we knew we were dealing with a knowledgeable and professional company. The crews were on-time (actually early on the first day!), friendly and truly artists. Their communication every step of the way was top notch! Our paver steps and back patio are better than we imagined. We will be using them again to complete the pool deck in a few months. Thank you, On Point Pavers, for the outstanding work!

Heather R. Avatar
Heather R.
5 star rating
7/19/2021 - Yelp

Working with On Point Pavers was a pleasure. Very professional, reliable, and always courteous! Dave is great to work with!

Timothy Smith Avatar
Timothy Smith
7/14/2021 - Google

Working with On-Point Pavers ultimately proved to be a highly disappointing experience. From the very beginning, I emphasized the importance of a high-quality installation. Although the sales manager Dave communicated well and kept me posted throughout the project, it was the technicians employed by On-Point that failed to deliver a quality installation. The problem is, On-Point doesn’t have actual employees. It appears they sub-contract the installations to whatever teams they can find. For over a month, our front yard was a disgrace to the neighborhood. The On-Point team left trash everywhere. They destroyed all of our existing sprinkler lines and left us with a very poor installation. I repeatedly requested for him to come out and review the project but he never returned. They walked away from the project. By far, the most unprofessional team I have worked with and a clear indication that quality work is not part of their process. I’d be happy to share our project with any consumers considering a project with this company.

Charles Saylor Avatar
Charles Saylor
6/29/2021 - Google

We had an excellent experience with On Point Pavers. We needed to have the work done quickly, they managed to fit us in and get the job done when they said they would. Everything looks great ... highly recommended!